Whether we are talking about renovating your existing home or building a new home, the process is similar.
Everyone has their likes and dislikes; I like to build the perfect home for each family based on their needs.
My goal is to help you meet your goals so that you can call your house the perfect home.

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    Data Gathering & Consultation

    First is to let me know what you are looking for in terms of the flow of the home, your lifestyle, and your level of finishes. Next is to tell me what you do not want in the home. Trends are always changing per every individual‘s needs. These include technology advances, music systems, security, design finishes, and room types. The data gathering and consultation will actually continue throughout the entire process until the keys are turned over to you.

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    Based on the information gathered at the consultation, I will deliver a few rough floor plans to you to go over. Nothing is finalized at all here. We go over each plan and do a basic SWOT analysis on each one and then continue this process until, together, we come up with a plan that meets all of your needs for you and your family.

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    Selections are picked throughout the entire process, I give all of my clients free reign to choose all their finishes This is the reason that pricing cannot be determined until most selections are made. The sooner that selections are made, the faster the home will be completed. I have numerous designers that I deal with that you will be introduced to and we will assist you in selecting the best finishes for the home and the best price available. At this phase, we will select flooring options (hardwood vs. tile), trim must haves. and other items that would affect floorplans, design, and structural issues.

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    As your developer and general contractor,I will prepare and file all documents required for the construction with the local municipality during the permitting phase. I am the direct point of contact for all communications with the municipality The engineering and permitting usually takes 4-5 months and depends on how fast the municipality would provide comments from within the various departments. The fees associated with permitting are included in the turn key development of your home.

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    Let the fun begin! From the time that we break ground until the keys are turned over, you will see the progress either in person or through email You will be in communication with me as much as you are comfortable with Throughout construction, you‘ll have several opportunities to review and verify the progress. Construction will start immediately after the permits and approvals have been obtained Nothing is final until it is purchased. You will have the right to walk the home with my supervision and are strongly encouraged to offer feedback throughout the process.
    This is the time that we will start picking finishes including tile, designing your 100% custom kitchen and bathrooms, trim selections, flooring, custom closets designs, paint colors, exterior colors and materials, and anything else you can think of
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    Prior to giving the keys to your home, you will walk the home and offer all feedback and come up with a final punch list of outstanding items. I will guide you through any items and training throughout the home as needed. All manufacturer and trade (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) warranties are included for one year after completion of the job.

I have worked with Sidd for a few years on multiple projects. From a vendor standpoint, I can say that he is by far my favorite client whom I admire for the quality of construction, high-end products and commitment to excellence. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sidd, his passion and vision is unsurpassed.